Special offer for sportmen

The sports offer, it’s the solution to see off and answer at best to the specific needs of all sportsmen, during their travels within the framework of the competitions.

That you are a sportsman holder of a license, alone or in team, either guide (manager, doctor, referee, supporter), the Merle Blanc reserve you custom-made services :

  • preferential rate on the accommodation
  • possible departure till 16 hours at the latest
  • at your disposal free of conference room of front match for the briefings
  • at your disposal free of a room(for the massages)
  • meals and baskets sports specific meals
  • free car parking


Conditions :

Sportsman holder of a license and his managers, doctors, etc

Alone or in team, The Merle Blanc reserves you a welcome favored during your travels the weekends and bank holidays within the framework of a competition, of a match.

A special offer for the sportsmen is valid:

  • Fn Friday, Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays and the days before of bank holidays.
  • From a person on presentation, on arrival in the hotel, of a sports license of current validity and within the framework of a competition
  • Within the limits of the available rooms assigned to the sportsmen at the time of the reservation, except periods of lounges or particular shows (in case of undisponility of rooms for sportsmen, the bookings are made of the public rate)
  • Applicable to the guides (managers, doctors) within the framework of a global reservation. Not accumulative with other promotions.


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